In case you didn’t believe me that the meat is falling off the bone…

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Unless you’re the rare exception — VERY rare — those three words your mate is longing to say to you are

“please exercise more.”

No judgement here. Just think about it. They want you to live longer, feel better, and have lower risk of bad things happening to your body. You may have been told big is better but this isn’t about size… it’s about health, strength, endurance, longevity. If you’re not exercising, and I mean really exercising with pouring sweat, sore joints, and all out anaerobic full-body stress at least 3x a week, your lived one thinks those three words every time they look at you. Even if they’re fat. Yeah, , we humans are hypocritical that way.

I’m more almost 50 lbs lighter than I was on my wedding day. All I didn’t exercise back then but I’d sweat & have trouble breathing just tying my shoes.

Think of this as your scared straight moment. Get out there and do something hurtful… go for a run.

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